Suzy Stafford Loves Live Oak International

Suzy Stafford Loves Live Oak International

March 4, 2017

Live Oak International’s Sam Reid caught up with FEI driver Suzy Stafford to chat about this year’s event, keeping her LOI win streak alive and the 2016 USEF Combined Driving Horse of The Year, PVF Peace of Mind.

LOI: Suzy, how long have you been coming to Live Oak?

Suzy Stafford: I have been coming to this wonderful show for, well, I am not sure. At least 10 years? I will have to double check. But I wouldn’t miss it.

LOI: What do you like about Live Oak?

Stafford: My goal is to win the World Championships, so Live Oak is fabulous because it has a “European” feel.  There are large crowds, the competition is strong and it is excellent preparation for Worlds. I love to bring friends who have never seen combined driving to Live Oak. It is the best place for someone to really enjoy the sport for the first time!

LOI: Are you excited about the Exhibitor’s party his year?

Stafford: The Exhibitor’s Party is nothing short of notorious. Many details from those nights cannot be shared.  Excited to hear Circus is the theme this year.

LOI: Have a great show Suzy!

Stafford: I have won the last three years at Live Oak, so clearly I really enjoy being there! My horse, PVF Peace of Mind, also loves Live Oak. It is so special to me that I have raised and trained that horse. Something I am really pleased with.