Steve Wilson: Contemporary Art Collector and Combined Driver

Steve Wilson: Contemporary Art Collector and Combined Driver

March 6, 2017

Live Oak International’s Sam Reid sat down with two-time USEF Pair Horse Driving National Champion Steve Wilson to talk about his two passions in life.

LOI: What are your passions outside of combined driving?

Steve Wilson: I greatly enjoy collecting contemporary art. There are many people who make annual lists of the greatest collectors in the US and that is based on money spent. What we like to do is purchase art that provides an emotional connection, not as an investment. I often say that our collection is for living artists and if the artists dies they are out of the collection!

LOI: What well-known artists are you collecting now?

Wilson: Many of the artists we enjoy are truly unknown and not from the US. But we have enjoyed watching the reputations of some of the artists we have collected early on grow over the years. Nick Cave, Kehinde Wiley, Anthony Goicolea are all good examples.

LOI: Have you enjoyed the Live Oak International parties over the years?

Wilson: They have been so very fun. I have been pleased to be able to be part of them. I like to work hard and play hard and shake things up a bit. Looking forward to the circus theme this year.