Show Jumping and Combined Driving Sponsors

Sponsors are Lifeblood of Equine Competitions

Those who sponsor the Live Oak International are the ones who allow us to bring you all the excitement that equine events can offer. Here’s more information about our show jumping and combined driving sponsors.

Without them the Live Oak International could not have grown from a small regional event to one of the best in North America. We consider our sponsors as partners invested in the success of the Live Oak International.
The event, in turn, offers sponsors a unique opportunity to get their products or services in front of an eclectic crowd which typically includes longtime equestrian devotees and novices out to spend a day enjoying the beauty of Ocala.

The equine event attracts plenty of families who take advantage of the occasion to get outdoors and have some fun. The horses, whether they are exerting themselves through an obstacle while pulling a carriage or jumping high over fences with a rider aboard, are the center of attention.

At Live Oak International you can be near enough to the horses that you can hear their breath and hoof beats fill the air. The strength of the animals comes through as they make the ground rumble under hoof. It’s the essence of equestrian sports.

Here is a list of our sponsors who have helped us put together the Live Oak International competition which is celebrating its 27th anniversary in 2018. We thank them again for their support in making the Live Oak International Combined Driving and Show Jumping event one of the biggest and best in the country.