Combined Driving and Show Jumping Results

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12 hours (AM/PM) times:

The competitors are eager to get this competition started! Combined Driving dressage runs on Thursday & Friday. On Saturday, the drivers take part in the always exciting marathon. Each driver tries to maneuver their horse or horses through a complex pattern of obstacles in the quickest time possible. The final phase of Combined Driving is the cones course on Sunday. Drivers must perform designated patterns through cones, or pylons, in the fastest time possible and without knocking down any of the pylons.

The Show Jumping portion of the event starts on Friday with classes through Sunday. Live Oak International’s show jumping feature is the $100,000 Longines World Cup™ Qualifier on Sunday. The event is the final leg of the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping North American League.

Live Oak International runs throughout the weekend and results are updated on a regular basis.

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