Live Oak Volunteers Make Event Possible

Live Oak Volunteers Make Event Possible

March 10, 2016

As the dust settles from the recently concluded 2016 Live Oak International, the event’s organizers wanted to take an opportunity to salute the dozens of Live Oak volunteers who made the event possible.

For the 25th Anniversary of the Live Oak International, 129 volunteers staffed 230 positions including driving shuttle carts to ferry the thousands who attended the event to taking tickets and directing attendees around the show grounds.

This year, the group put in more than 2,000 work hours to make the event a special one for everyone.

The Saturday volunteers who staffed the Marathon had a particularly daunting task. There were 68 volunteers posted as section timers, in vet boxes and at obstacles. Their help made the event a success.

Live Oak Volunteers Make Event Possible

Since the start, Live Oak International has relied on the generosity of its volunteers. The Live Oak volunteers are indispensable and are our ambassadors to those who come out to enjoy the show. Without their friendly personalities, Live Oak International would not be the family-friendly event it has become.

Thanks to our volunteers, we are able to donate proceeds to community organizations.

For their dedication and willingness to selflessly give of their time we thank them all and wish them prosperity and happiness.

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